Report on “Air Pollution” Meeting

Report on “Air Pollution” Meeting

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A week ago, Andrea sent me an email, explaining a pilot study about air pollution and health outcomes she and Andrew currently working on. They wanted to interview me, since Globular is working on global health issues, including climate change. Accompanied by Adin three days ago, we met and had a blast of conversation.

Andrea is an architect, while Andrew is an environmental policy and analyst. Both of them are senior lecturer in Cardiff University, UK. Currently working on the study about social / urban variables of air pollution that contributes to health outcomes, they want to find out how significant green space in the neighborhood, how large it must be to actually have an impact, how bathroom placement inside the house, how many persons living inside the house, and so on. (I can’t keep up with these foreign variables, sorry!)

Mostly we talked about Globular’s journey from 2015 till now, what has changed, what shaped our belief about health and how we want to involve other sectors in solving health problems. I can safely say both of them are astounded by our choice of projects, what value we holds, and our current pace of movement. In many occasions I’m lost for words, but Adin helped me so much with her word-selections and explained things thoroughly. Thanks to her!

In the end, Adin and I expressed our gratefulness. We, as the representative of Globular on the meeting, are humbled and honored to be interviewed and had the opportunity to share and exchange our ideals about health.

Andrea’s last sentence to us, “Don’t worry about acceptance, this is the future. Whether our work makes a little significance or big significance, we must hold on.” reminded me of Prof. Kenji, global health is the future of medicine.

Adin and I promised to pay the bill when they bring their students here next January. We are blessed by our meeting, till we meet again, Andrea and Andrew!

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